Anti Wrinkle

Woman of all ages deal with skin that is continually ageing.

 The struggle to Keep your skin looking its best, can feel never ending at time. Its true that many factors can play a part in the appearance in your skin. Including your age, lifestyle choices and skincare routine.

Reversing the signs of aging: it’s a modern- day magic trick, no?

At Enhance Skin Clinic, our anti-wrinkle treatments are all about giving you a fresh and youthful appearance. We work with you to;

-Soften fine lines and wrinkles.
-Give your skin a rejuvenated appearance
-Prevent future winkle formation a give you a natural looking result.

Our highly trained cosmetic nurse injector will assess your individual needs and design a personalised treatment plan just for you.

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Crow’s feet

Soften the appearance around the eyes

Eyebrow lift

Open up your eye area and create a subtle brow arch

Frown lines

For when you feel great, but still look tense or angry

Forehead lines

Erase the horizontal forehead lines that give a tired stressed-out look

Lip Flip

Gives the upper lip a subtle out turned pop, without adding volume

Gummy Smile

Effortlessly hide your gums when making a big smile

Bunny lines

Soften lines that form around the eyes towards the nose

Treatment Areas:


Give the chin a smoother contour and minimise contractions when speaking


Do you have an active down turned smile? Lift your smile better with this small area

Jelly roll

Smooths out the folds under the eyes


Reduce excessive Sweating (palms or underarms)

Jaw Slimming

A masseters reduction for cosmetic purposes, to create a slim and more feminine jawline.

Neck Band

Giving a youthful look by minimising the neck muscle contractions.

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